Amadip.esment is one of the most important and prestigious spanish associations specialized in assisting and offering jobs to handicapped people. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, they created ‘EnsaimadArt’, a project consisting in designing limited edition labels for an ‘Ensaimada’, the well-known Mallorca’s traditional dessert.

Infolio —a young editorial founded by graphic designers Pablo Martín and Astrid Stavro— invited us to be part of this wonderful project.

Others who collaborated were prestigious architects, artists, designers, illustrators and photographers from around the globe, such as Wim Crouwel, Sara de Bondt, Michael Bierut, Vince Frost, Angus Hyland, Carme Ruscalleda, Isidro Ferrer, Mario Eskenazi, Hort, Vasava or Javier Mariscal.



The brief questioned wether a label could have a positive effect on society. We also considered relevant the fact that, even though it was a collaboration of artistic nature, the end result would be printed and used by people. This became our milestone and, more than finding a graphic solution, we tried to achieve a design that invited consumers to interaction.

Thinking of ‘ensaimades’ as a souvenir that usually ends up being shared or used as a gift, our idea was to use its own packaging as a huge postcard, letting people custom it for their beloved.

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