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We are Forma, a graphic design and illustration studio based in Barcelona. Forma Icons is our icon design division. We work on icon and illustration systems, pictogram families and wayfinding projects for clients and agencies worldwide. We apply our own methodology and decade-long expertise to developing tailored solutions adapted to each project’s technical and communication needs.



Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most influential global brands, but also for smaller clients and local institutions. Here are a few examples:


Some of our projects have been commissioned by and done in close collaboration with renowned international agencies, such as: Accenture, Young & Rubicam, Landor, Futurebrand, Red Dog, HVItalic, BBH, SCPF, BBDO, Sinnerschrader, AKQA, Mucho, Runroom, Familia and many more. We thank all of them for their trust in our work.


Find below the relevant aspects of our work process. They help understand how we approach a project and what we can do for yours:

We adapt to the client’s needs. We export each icon individually and prepare it for its use in digital or print environments.
Brand Consistency
We play with the client’s visual assets and adjust the icons’ graphic features to create a custom icon family that feels connected to the brand.
Technical Requirements
We follow the project's requirements and design the icons thinking on their future use. This helps us find the perfect grid and thickness, we want the icons to be pixel-perfect. Optimal performance goes first.
Universal Concepts
We make every icon as comprehensible as possible for as many people as possible. Accessibility is key.
Workflow and Flexibility
We adjust to every project’s structure. Be it with agencies or clients, we become part of the team and adapt to the specific needs and workflows.
Large Icon Families
We can take all kinds of challenges. From 5-icon projects to icon systems with over 2.000 icons (and counting!).
Icon Systems and Subfamilies
From the main icon family, we create subfamilies that vary on size, style, thickness, etc.
Style Variety
Line, fill, geometric, organic, synthetic, detailed, cartoony, exclusive... We’ve done all and we keep exploring! We will find what fits your project best.

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